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How Much Umbrella Insurance Should You Have?

An umbrella insurance policy in Scotia, NY picks up where your home and auto insurance leave off. Policies are usually sold in $1 million increments.

In order to determine how much umbrella insurance you need in Scotia, NY, you can work with an agent at DePaulo Agency. You can also do some calculations by yourself.

You first want to assess your risk. A car accident is one of the most likely scenarios that triggers the need for excess liability coverage because a fatality or permanent disability could result in large judgments. Your risk will be higher if you have a longer commute and the more you drive, or if you are insuring elderly or teen drivers. Condo owners can also be held responsible for damage to other units. You can also be at a higher risk if you have a trampoline or swimming pool in your yard, or have a boat. You may need added coverage if you serve as volunteer on a nonprofit board since you won’t be protected from all potential lawsuits.

You will want to know your net worth, which is your assets minus any debt you have. You also need to know your home equity and the value of your retirement plans. Add up these values and then subtract the maximum limits of your liability coverage. This can give you an idea of how much of your assets are left unprotected from your current liability coverage and how much you should be purchasing. While you can increase your liability limits on your home and auto, it may make more sense financially to get an umbrella policy. You could possibly get a discount if you are buying all three policies through the same insurer. At a minimum, you should have $1 million in coverage and if you have significant assets, you should have more.

Contact DePaulo Agency to get a quote on umbrella insurance.

How to Prevent Motorcycle Theft

Motorcycles attract thieves because they have no windows or doors, and they are small compared to most other motor vehicles. Protect yourself by trying to deter lawbreakers with anti-theft devices,. And contact DePaulo Agency, which serves Scotia, NY, to buy motorcycle insurance to protect your cash and property in the event of a theft or an accident.                

Even in this age of extreme technology, many motorcycles are sold without much to deter theft. One of the most effective anti-theft devices you can buy is an alarm. They’re loud—usually about 120 decibels. No thief wants to hear that blast. Some attach to the bike’s disc brakes. Others are placed on their electrical systems.  One easy-to-use model arms when you walk away and disarms as you return to your bike.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

If you’re going to be out of earshot, at least one company makes an alarm with a pager that vibrates when the alarm goes even if you’re up to a one-half mile away from your bike. Some models "report" soundlessly to your smartphone if the alarm goes off. 

If you use a quality chain or cable to fasten your bike, attach it to a heavy object that’s stationary. Don’t forget to wrap the fastener enough times so there is no slack to allow a thief to use a cutting tool. Experienced motorcycle experts advise you to use an additional anti-theft device too.

If you park in a public garage, hide your bike behind a car. If you have no garage at home, cover your bike. When riding with a group, try to park all the bikes in the same place. Take the time to protect your motorcycle, and don’t ride without insurance. DePaulo Agency gladly serves Scotia, NY. Contact us for help in choosing motorcycle insurance.



Do You Need Boat Insurance For A Classic Sailboat?

Insuring your boat can help protect from losses and liability, but do you need to insure a classic sailboat? There are many types of boat insurance and there is even specialty insurance designed to cover a classic boat. Just because the boat is not a traditional motorboat, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need insurance coverage.

Protect Your Investment

Classic sailboats can be worth large sums of money and are coveted by collectors all over the world. It is a smart move to cover your boat with the appropriate type and amount of insurance to protect it from theft, fire, or any other type of incident where there would be covered losses. In order to find the right type of insurance for a classic sailboat, you should enlist the assistance of an experienced insurance agent who can help clients discover the insurance products that fit their specific needs. 

Working With An Agent

Working with an agent will prevent classic sailboat owners from purchasing the wrong insurance and helps prevent coverage gaps that could prove costly. Residents living in or around the Scotia, NY area should consult with DePaulo Agency to find out more about classic boat insurance. They can help outline the current need and offer products designed to meet their needs, even in the future. They can even help assist clients with claims. 

Don’t risk losses by not insuring a classic sailboat. Get the answers you want and the products you need by calling or stopping by DePaulo Agency, serving residents around the Scotia, NY area, and see why they are a leading provider of high-quality insurance products. 

Does RV Insurance Cover Damage From Break Ins?

RV insurance is something that makes a big difference in how safe your RV is and how easy it is to replace your RV or repair it if something does happen. An RV is much like a home and they are broken into from time to time and having good coverage to protect it is a must. For those that live in the Scotia, NY area, the agents with DePaulo Agency can help you find the perfect policy for your particular RV and RV needs.

RVs are like homes and they are broken into from time to time. In these cases when the RV is broken into and damaged, items are stolen, and things are disrupted, you may have to pay to get these issues taken care of. An RV policy is going to help you to get everything set right so that you are not going to have to deal with recovery on your own. This type of policy is going to help pay for damages to the RV itself, damages to items inside the RV, and also help with replacing the items that were damaged or stolen.

A break-in is not something that anyone ever wants to deal with but with the right help and the right insurance policy, you are going to be able to recover, even after something like a break-in, and get back on the road and back to enjoying your RV. The right policy can do wonders and knowing what you want to have covered is a must. For those in the Scotia, NY area, the agents with DePaulo Agency can help you to find the best insurance policy for you and for your RV. A break-in does not have to be the end of the line.  

Is Flood Damaged Covered By Your Renters Insurance Policy?

When you are purchasing renters insurance, it is important to understand and learn about what is and is not covered by your renter’s insurance policy. Here at DePaulo Agency, located in Scotia, NY. we want to help educate you so you understand more about the policy you are buying. Here is information about flooding and your renter’s insurance policy. 

Is Flood Damage Covered By Your Renters Insurance Policy? 

Flood damage may be covered by your renter’s insurance policy, or it may be excluded. The key is how your rental space became flooded. If a pipe burst or a water heater cracked, odds are, the water damage will be covered. If heavy rains lead to a river overflowing and flooding the space, odds are, the water damage will not be covered. Always carefully read through your renter’s insurance policy to learn what types of flood damage are covered and excluded. 

How Can You Protect Yourself Against Flood Damage? 

If certain types of flooding are excluded under your renter’s insurance policy, you will need to purchase a separate flood coverage policy. Many people think that this type of policy is just for homeowners, but it is not. Renters can purchase a flood add-on policy or stand-alone renters insurance flood coverage policy to help protect their belongings from flood damage. 

Are you looking to purchase a new renters insurance policy or a policy that covers all types of flood damage? Here at DePaulo Agency, serving the greater Scotia, NY area, we can help you with all of your insurance needs. Call us today to get started or for a free quote. 

Don’t forget about commercial insurance when starting your business

New business owners in the greater Scotia, NY area may feel overwhelmed with all the details a start-up takes: from a marketing plan, inventory sourcing, tax filings, and hiring it’s easy to feel stressed out! While the team at DePaulo Agency doesn’t want to add to your stress level, we do want to remind you of the importance of commercial insurance. Choosing the right policy can make the difference between bouncing back from a catastrophe and going under. Don’t be tempted to push off this decision, it should be right near the top of your to-do list. 

There’s a lot to take care of when starting a new business, and commercial insurance should be at the top of the list

Commercial insurance serves a lot of functions, from protecting your physical assets to providing coverage when there is a liability issue affecting your business. The benefits of a comprehensive commercial insurance policy are nearly limitless, and knowing that you have the protection you need can make it easier to focus on getting your new business up and running. Don’t leave the future and everything that you have worked so hard for unprotected; make sure that you have the right policy in place before you open your doors for business.

There are a lot of features that are available for businesses, and choosing the appropriate policy at the correct level can feel like a daunting task. Fortunately, when you work with a commercial insurance specialist you can receive the guidance you need to make a smart decision.

Finding the right commercial insurance policy for your business doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task. When you enlist the help of your friendly DePaulo Agency team, protecting your Scotia, NY area business is easier than ever!

How Do Solar Panels Impact my Home Insurance?

Millions of people have installed solar panels on their homes. Solar panels can help you save energy and lower your electricity bills since the panels generate electricity. They may even increase your home’s value. However, it’s important to find out how.

Many Home Insurance Policies Cover Solar Panels

Once solar panels are installed, they are considered part of your Scotia, NY dwelling by many insurers. However, each policy varies, so check with your insurance DePaulo Agency representative to make sure your insurance will cover them. If your home insurance covers solar panels, keep the following points in mind.

Your insurance may include an add-on for certain types of panel, particularly ground-mounted or carport-mounted panels. Solar panels are valuable, so you may want to adjust your coverage accordingly. Find out if your insurance covers damage during installation as well. Whether you buy or lease the panels can influence policy eligibility.

It’s a good idea to gather as much information as you can before you install solar panels. If possible, discuss the installation process, possible damages and other factors with each company you’re considering. Then, have a detailed conversation with your insurance agent before you purchase the panels.

Specific Coverage to Ask About

Defective solar panels and environmental damage to solar panels are two items you should understand. Solar panels generally have a 25-year lifespan. However, if one’s defective, it’s nice if your home insurance policy covers that. If all the panels are working, the second thing to monitor is environmental damage to solar panels and find out if it’s covered.

Solar panels can save money and energy, but it important to understand how that impacts your insurance. Contact an expert at DePaulo Agency in Scotia, NY to find out more about all your insurance needs. Feel free to make an appointment for a free quote.


5 Tips to Avoid a Traffic Accident

There are plenty of ways to get into a car accident. It’s not easy to prevent, but here are five tips to help you avoid a traffic accident. With the independent insurance agents in Scotia, NY, at the DePaulo Agency, you’ll be able to have auto insurance in no time.

1. Prevent Distractions

Keeping your eyes on the road is one of the best ways to avoid an accident. When your attention is pulled elsewhere, it is easy to miss a car swerving into your lane or when busy traffic come to a halt.

2. Eating

Forget about grabbing a quick bite on the way to work. Eating takes your hands off of the wheel and your eyes on the road every time you dip your fries into the ketchup.

3. Cell Phone

Other than following the GPS to get to your destination, you should keep your phone out of view. Texting or watching videos are great ways to cause an accident.

4. Watch for Road Signs

Missing a road sign might seem like a frivolous thing, but you could easily hit another vehicle if you are not paying attention to the traffic signs.

  • Construction signs – can let you know if a lane ahead is closed or if there are workers nearby.

  • Stop signs – if you miss a stop sign, you may t-bone someone.

5. Be on the Defensive

Avoid other drivers that are distracted or driving recklessly. You may think you’ll get a rush from outmaneuvering the vehicle in front of you, but all will get is a ticket or perhaps worse.

Stop by the DePaulo Agency in Scotia, NY where agents will work to get auto insurance for your vehicle. They’ll also be able to help you set up policies concerning life insurance, homeowners insurance, and commercial insurance.


How much umbrella insurance do you need?

Umbrella insurance isn’t just like buying a policy for your car, it’s a part of your life-planning, long-term money management. You need to be looking at not just your physical assets, your Scotia, NY home, but your retirement plans, your savings and so on. Here’s what you’ll want to check:

How Much Liability Protection Do You Have?

Liability can be the thing that really sinks your savings if your auto policy has inadequate provisions on this front. If you want to make sure that a car accident does not crash your savings, you’ll want to either boost your liability coverage or get it covered under an umbrella plan.

What Do You Own?

At a certain point, it may become more expensive to protect every single thing you own individually when an umbrella plan will just provide you with a safety net when your basic insurance runs out. If you own a large collection or several cars or otherwise have quite a bit to protect, getting it on an umbrella plan isn’t a bad idea.

How Much Can You Afford To Lose?

You may have a healthy savings account, but when it comes to losses and damages, a lot of money starts to look like a little less. As a general rule, you want as much liability coverage you can get, and to protect any property that you can’t comfortably replace out of pocket.

Umbrella protection is as much about protection as it is about peace of mind. If you’ve achieved a level of success in your career, in your life, there’s always that anxiety that one disaster could cost you everything you’ve earned. Get in touch with DePaulo Agency and see what they can do to get you covered.

Why comprehensive coverage is a must for all motorcyclists

Owning a motorcycle and getting out on the open road is a great leisure time activity! If you are in the greater Scotia, NY area and have a bike or are thinking of purchasing one, it is important to know about your motorcycle insurance options. The team at the DePaulo Agency is here to help you navigate the selection process and find the right policy to meet your coverage needs. We recommend that all of our clients carry comprehensive motorcycle insurance in order to protect themselves, their passengers, and their property. Don’t find yourself liability for injury or damage caused by your motorcycle, get the right policy can protect your interests.

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance is a must

In addition to protecting your bike and the cost of its replacement in the event of an accident or another mishap, it is advisable for all motorcyclists to carry comprehensive insurance. If you are involved in an accident and are injured, you will want to have the protection that a comprehensive policy provides. In addition to coverage for your bike, there are policies that provide coverage in the event that you or someone else is injured. You will also want to have coverage in the event that you are involved in an incident with an uninsured driver. Protect yourself and you gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the coverage you need.

If you have a motorcycle or are thinking of getting one in the near future, it is important that you understand your motorcycle policy options. Bikers in the greater Scotia, NY area have come to depend on the team at the DePaulo Agency to meet all of their cycle insurance needs. Call or stop by our office today to learn more!