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How much umbrella insurance do you need?

Umbrella insurance isn’t just like buying a policy for your car, it’s a part of your life-planning, long-term money management. You need to be looking at not just your physical assets, your Scotia, NY home, but your retirement plans, your savings and so on. Here’s what you’ll want to check:

How Much Liability Protection Do You Have?

Liability can be the thing that really sinks your savings if your auto policy has inadequate provisions on this front. If you want to make sure that a car accident does not crash your savings, you’ll want to either boost your liability coverage or get it covered under an umbrella plan.

What Do You Own?

At a certain point, it may become more expensive to protect every single thing you own individually when an umbrella plan will just provide you with a safety net when your basic insurance runs out. If you own a large collection or several cars or otherwise have quite a bit to protect, getting it on an umbrella plan isn’t a bad idea.

How Much Can You Afford To Lose?

You may have a healthy savings account, but when it comes to losses and damages, a lot of money starts to look like a little less. As a general rule, you want as much liability coverage you can get, and to protect any property that you can’t comfortably replace out of pocket.

Umbrella protection is as much about protection as it is about peace of mind. If you’ve achieved a level of success in your career, in your life, there’s always that anxiety that one disaster could cost you everything you’ve earned. Get in touch with DePaulo Agency and see what they can do to get you covered.