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Is Flood Damaged Covered By Your Renters Insurance Policy?

When you are purchasing renters insurance, it is important to understand and learn about what is and is not covered by your renter’s insurance policy. Here at DePaulo Agency, located in Scotia, NY. we want to help educate you so you understand more about the policy you are buying. Here is information about flooding and your renter’s insurance policy. 

Is Flood Damage Covered By Your Renters Insurance Policy? 

Flood damage may be covered by your renter’s insurance policy, or it may be excluded. The key is how your rental space became flooded. If a pipe burst or a water heater cracked, odds are, the water damage will be covered. If heavy rains lead to a river overflowing and flooding the space, odds are, the water damage will not be covered. Always carefully read through your renter’s insurance policy to learn what types of flood damage are covered and excluded. 

How Can You Protect Yourself Against Flood Damage? 

If certain types of flooding are excluded under your renter’s insurance policy, you will need to purchase a separate flood coverage policy. Many people think that this type of policy is just for homeowners, but it is not. Renters can purchase a flood add-on policy or stand-alone renters insurance flood coverage policy to help protect their belongings from flood damage. 

Are you looking to purchase a new renters insurance policy or a policy that covers all types of flood damage? Here at DePaulo Agency, serving the greater Scotia, NY area, we can help you with all of your insurance needs. Call us today to get started or for a free quote.