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Tips to Stay Safe on a Cross Country Road Trip

Even if summer is closing, there are still plenty of reasons to take an epic road trip. Scotia, NY, is as good a starting point as anywhere, so DePaulo Agency is here to give you a few safety tips before you leave.

Supply for Emergencies

Rule number one on any trip is to have a plan in case of emergencies. When taming the open road, the basic supplies you should consider are flash lights, bottled water, a first aid kit, blankets, phone chargers and jumper cables. Another nice item to have stashed is an old blanket that can keep things clean if you have to get under the hood unexpectedly. You can add whatever else you might deem important to your emergency cash (snacks never hurt), but these are the essentials.

Drive Safely

Obviously. But, there are steps you can take to be safer behind the wheel. First and foremost, manage your distractions. Set up the GPS while you’re parked, and leave screen time for when you aren’t driving. Passengers can also be distracting, so make sure they access to everything they need. If you are driving alone, make sure everything important (food, drinks, music changer etc) is well within reach before you put the vehicle in gear. The next big safety tip is to manage your fatigue. You’re planning on lots of driving, so never push yourself when you’re tired. Pulling off and catching a few z’s can be the difference between life and death. Road trips are supposed to be enjoyable, so there’s no need to keep to a grueling pace. Finally, take care of the vehicle. You should go through a basic inspection at the start of every trip and at least every 10,000 miles. You should be checking fluids, tires, brakes, lights and wipers.

Stay in Touch

It’s always a good idea to update someone who isn’t on the trip. A simple text or call every time you get to a new checkpoint will ensure someone knows where to direct a rescue effort if you find yourself in need. This can be as fun as it is safe, giving you an excuse to send pictures and keep friends or family back home involved.

Of course, the ultimate protection comes in the form of proper insurance. If you travel in style, you can make sure your RV is covered with a quick conversation with Depaulo Agency. We handle accounts across Scotia, NY, and we’ll be happy to help any way we can.