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Are You Covered? Are You Sure? Umbrella Insurance can Help

Let’s paint an unpleasant picture: you’re involved in an auto accident. Thankfully, there were no bodily injuries, but the damage was done. Either the pedestrian who wasn’t paying attention or the parked van had to face the impact. Although the law understands your predicament, it doesn’t cancel out the responsibility. This is where we come in. If you have questions about insurance or need coverage in the Scotia, NY area, the professionals at DePaulo Agency are here to help.

A Common Nightmare and the Need for Insurance

Incidents like the above example justify the need for adequate insurance. It provides peace of mind, knowing we’re protected. But what if the aftermath renders a different story? Let’s revisit the accident. The van involved in the collision had a specialized wheelchair lift. The cost of replacing the custom-made lift severely drains your wallet. This could be any of the numerous scenarios underlining why umbrella insurance is essential.

Suppose the costs exceeding your policy limits are so astronomical that they wipe out your life savings, tap into your kids’ college fund, or force you to sell a vehicle. However, with an umbrella coverage add-on to your auto insurance plan before the accident, the entire narrative changes.

Secure Your Financial Safety with Umbrella Insurance in Scotia, NY

Are you adequately protected? An umbrella insurance policy can offer the additional coverage you need for unexpected events, like when repairs or medical bills surpass your standard policy limits. Contact the DePaulo Agency today to acquire the coverage and protection you need and deserve. Our dedicated and professional team is ready to assist you.