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The Basics of Filing Storm Damage Claims

When it comes to storm damage, there are certain things that every claimant should know. Though it might seem like a simple and straightforward claim, storm claims have the potential to be much more difficult than you might imagine. If you live in the Scotia, NY area, the agents with DePaulo Agency can help you get your claim approved.

The first step to any storm claim is to document the damage. Common storm damage for vehicles might be dents, broken lights, broken windows, etc. An adjuster is going to be looking to see if the damage could, in fact, have been caused by the storm, what the extent of the damage is, and how much it will take to fix. If you have hail damage, for example, you want to take pictures of all the damage so that you can start to get your car back in shape.

Another thing to consider is that you should make sure you have your time frame exact. An insurance company is going to look to see if there was a storm when you claimed it, what type of storm it was, and what potential for damage there was with the storm that you are filing a claim about. They are also going to ask what type of shelter there was for your car, and what type of warning you had.

You want to make sure you answer all questions thoroughly and truthfully so that your claim will not be sent back. Your storm damage claim does not have to be complex and difficult to file. With the help of the agents at DePaulo Agency, those living in the Scotia, NY area can get fast and efficient help that they need to get their storm damage claims filed and ready to pay out. Storm damage is awful, getting it fixed is not impossible.