Home Insurance in New York

For many homeowners, their home insurance might as well be invisible. Many don't know where their policies are located or what company insures them. Others don't have an idea on what is or isn't covered. For many who pay for their home insurance when making mortgage payments, even the amount they pay is a mystery.

Many homeowners in New York don't understand that unless there are specific riders or additional coverage included, they may not be covered in a flood. Other coverage may be outdated and not be sufficient to replace today's cost of the home. Their current homeowners payments may be unnecessarily high.

That is why at the DePaulo Agency we encourage annual homeowner insurance reviews. Our Scotia, NY home insurance agents will help walk you through your coverage, detailing where you are and aren't properly covered. We will review your structure, contents, and liability coverage. We will let you know whether you have loss of use coverage in case you are displaced in a calamity. Just as importantly, they will work to find you improved coverage at better prices.

If you are unsure of your homeowner's insurance coverage, rates, or limits, the time to get a review is now. Finding out after you need a claim filed may simply be too late. Contact our offices for a no obligation insurance review. If you would prefer an online quote, simply answer a few questions on our website. Our agents will get busy finding you a comparative quote that just may save you money. Contact DePaulo Agency today.