Commercial Insurance in New York

Small business is the heartbeat of American. Do you have or are you considering opening a business in the area? The DePaulo Agency is a team of Scotia, NY commercial insurance agents serving small and large businesses throughout the region.

Commercial insurance is vital in protecting your assets and your efforts. We can make sure you are covered if someone were to get injured in your office or if you were to suffer losses through theft. We can help protect your building from damage in storms and from damage to vandalism. If you are opening a home-based business, we can help get you the protection that you may not get from your homeowners insurance.

Each business is unique. Our professionals look at all aspects of your particular enterprise and see where you may be at risk. Do you own or rent your building? Do you manufacturer items or are you in retail? Do you use your vehicle for work purposes? These are all important questions in determining the protection appropriate for you.

If you presently don't have coverage, we can build a commercial insurance policy specifically for you. If you already have business insurance, we will be happy to provide a no-obligation review. Since we are independent agents, we are qualified to review the commercial policies of any company. Being independent also gives us the opportunity to shop around to get you better coverage at a better price.

Contact us today for a complimentary review or for a quote. Tell us a bit about your business and we will go to work for you. Many times, our commercial clients discover they can improve their coverage at the same, or even a better price! Find out for yourself by calling our office and talking with one of our experienced agents. We look forward to serving you.