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Can I Combine My RV and Auto Insurance?

If you’re like most RV owners, there’s a good chance it’s not your main mode of transportation. Whether you’re embarking on a road trip or like to have your RV parked in different places for long stretches, something else serves as your regular day-to-day vehicle. So, does this mean you can combine your RV and auto insurance into one policy?

At the DePaulo Agency in Scotia, NY, we’re no strangers to this question. The answer is generally no, with some exceptions. Here’s what you need to know about combining RV insurance in the state of New York:

New York Requires RV Insurance — When You’re Driving It at Least

In order to register your RV and drive in the state, you will need insurance. RV insurance is separate from auto insurance because RV accidents can result in greater damage, and many only need it temporarily because they will not be using their RV throughout the year. Because of this, RV insurance generally cannot be combined with your regular auto insurance. 

Now, if you are keeping your RV or motor home permanently parked on your property, you will generally only need RV insurance while it is being transported. Otherwise, it can be written in under your homeowner’s policy. 

Is it Actually an ‘RV’?

Only RVs or "motor homes" that are drivable and have an engine are required to carry RV insurance. If you have a camper or trailer with a hitch, then all you need is auto insurance for the vehicle towing it. You may still be required to carry insurance on the camper if you are still paying it off, renting or simply wish to protect your valuables.

Your Provider Matters

Depending on your exact insurance provider and circumstances, you may still be able to bundle your RV and auto insurance policies. Umbrella insurance is also an option for those who want extra coverage on both. At the DePaulo Agency, we work with a wide range of insurance providers to offer the best options for your lifestyle. Get in touch with our Scotia, NY office today to learn more!