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5 Steps to Planning Your First Motorcycle Road Trip

A motorcycle road trip is a great way to kick off the spring season. Advanced planning is the key to making your road trip a success, especially if it’s your first time out on the open road. These tips from DePaulo Agency in Scotia, NY can help you prepare for your road trip travels.

Service Your Bike

Make sure your motorcycle is working at top capacity before hitting the road. Check the fluids, valves, fuel system, electrical system and tires to avoid mechanical problems when you’re far from home. If you’re not used to long-distance travel, take a few practice runs before your trip to see if you need to adapt your bike to make it more comfortable for long-distance riding.

Plan Routes

Plan your routes and take a GPS to keep you on track. Keep to safe roads that are well-traveled. Pace yourself and plan your rest stops and where you’ll spend the night in advance to avoid getting stranded without accommodations.

Wear Protective Gear

Wear protective gear for your road trip to include a full-face helmet, leather jacket, jeans, riding boots, and gloves. Bring extra gloves in case one pair gets torn or lost and rain gaiters, jacket and pants in case you get caught in rainy weather.

Invest in a Waterproof Travel Bag

Waterproof backpacks or travel bags make good choices for packing clothes and necessities like cell phones, glasses, toiletries, maps and insurance papers for your travels. Secure your travel bag to your bike with bungee cords so it doesn’t blow off. Bring a first aid kit to handle minor injuries on the road.

Purchase Motorcycle Insurance

Make sure you have adequate motorcycle insurance coverage to protect you against any eventuality on the road. For help in selecting the policy you need, contact DePaulo Agency in Scotia, NY.