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How to Prevent Motorcycle Theft

Motorcycles attract thieves because they have no windows or doors, and they are small compared to most other motor vehicles. Protect yourself by trying to deter lawbreakers with anti-theft devices,. And contact DePaulo Agency, which serves Scotia, NY, to buy motorcycle insurance to protect your cash and property in the event of a theft or an accident.                

Even in this age of extreme technology, many motorcycles are sold without much to deter theft. One of the most effective anti-theft devices you can buy is an alarm. They’re loud—usually about 120 decibels. No thief wants to hear that blast. Some attach to the bike’s disc brakes. Others are placed on their electrical systems.  One easy-to-use model arms when you walk away and disarms as you return to your bike.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

If you’re going to be out of earshot, at least one company makes an alarm with a pager that vibrates when the alarm goes even if you’re up to a one-half mile away from your bike. Some models "report" soundlessly to your smartphone if the alarm goes off. 

If you use a quality chain or cable to fasten your bike, attach it to a heavy object that’s stationary. Don’t forget to wrap the fastener enough times so there is no slack to allow a thief to use a cutting tool. Experienced motorcycle experts advise you to use an additional anti-theft device too.

If you park in a public garage, hide your bike behind a car. If you have no garage at home, cover your bike. When riding with a group, try to park all the bikes in the same place. Take the time to protect your motorcycle, and don’t ride without insurance. DePaulo Agency gladly serves Scotia, NY. Contact us for help in choosing motorcycle insurance.