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Things boat insurance won’t cover

Determining Your Boat Insurance Needs

Boating is a preferred pastime for many New York State residents. With over 7500 freshwater lakes, two Great Lakes, and an expansive 70,000 miles of rivers and streams, boating enthusiasts are undoubtedly spoiled for choice. At DePaulo Agency in Scotia, NY, our independent insurance agents work vigilantly to meet the exclusive needs of our customers instead of catering solely to insurance companies.

Understanding the Need for Boat Insurance

Before charting a course across the deep blue, it is crucial to secure comprehensive boat insurance. This service offers essential base protection and includes numerous add-ons to tailor it exactly to your unique requirements. Being aware of what your boat insurance does and does not cover can make a significant difference to your peace of mind and financial stability.

Factors Your Boat Insurance May Not Cover

Insurance does not typically cover standard maintenance, guaranteeing that all parts of your boat operate as they should. Moreover, the predictable wear and tear that comes with time are not covered; for example, developing a leak or having a motor stop working due to age.

Gradual damage is another common exclusion from boat insurance. This scenario can include any slow deterioration, such as extreme weather conditions causing fading or cracking, mold development due to unnoticed leakage, or termite infestations threatening the structure of wooden boats.

Finally, while not always the case, boat insurance might not cover your boat trailer. It is crucial to read your policy carefully or speak with your agent to confirm your boat trailer’s coverage status for absolute peace of mind.

Taking Control of Your Boat Insurance Needs

When seeking comprehensive and affordable boat insurance in Scotia, NY, contact DePaulo Agency. We are committed to finding the perfect coverage tailored exclusively to your specific boating needs.