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January is Predicted to be Cold in Soctia Ny, Here are Four Winter Home Tips

Extreme cold is no stranger to New York. However, there are certain things new homeowners should do when it hits. If you make sure to prepare your home for extreme cold fronts, and if you know in advance what to do if something goes wrong, you can save a lot of money in home repairs this winter.

  1. Protect water pipes in advance of freeze warnings. There are insulated pipe covers for sale in a variety of shades so exposed pipes can be protected from freezing and not clash with the home.
  2. Cover low basement windows and vents leading to the underside of home. Insulated foam panels made to look like shutters make great window covers for ground level basement windows that allow freezing air to seep in during the coldest of nights. Any vents that lead to the crawl space should also be covered on the coldest of nights.
  3. If you have outdoor pets consider bringing them in, at least as far as the garage or a barn. Dogs and cats may have fur coats, but they are not made to withstand freezing temperatures.
  4. Leave strategic pipes on a slow drip to avoided having them freeze in place. Many people leave a bathtub and kitchen sink dripping through the night when there is a risk of a pipe freezing.

Keep in mind that sometimes things do go wrong, when they do it is best to have prepared by having a plan. Where are your main valves to turn of the water to the house? Are you prepared to be snowed in when it comes to medicine, water , and food? Plan for any event and take a moment to prepare for the cold to prevent discomfort and costly repairs.

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