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Three things you shouldn’t assume about your boat insurance policy

As a boat owner, you need to be well informed about insurance for your watercraft. Boat owners in Scotia, NY can learn about boat insurance by contacting us at DePaulo Agency.

A lot of boat owners make inaccurate assumptions when it comes to insuring their watercraft. The following are three things you shouldn’t assume about your boat insurance policy. 

Boat insurance covers your boat in any body of water.

It’s important to realize that most boat insurance policies have geographical limits. You cannot assume that your policy will cover you wherever you use your boat if you travel far from your home location and wish to go boating. 

Your driving record doesn’t impact the cost of boat insurance.

Consumers are typically aware of the fact that their driving record impacts the costs of their auto insurance. However, many consumers don’t realize that their driving record can also affect the costs of their boat insurance. 

A driving record with numerous serious infractions will mean that a consumer may have to pay more for boat insurance or struggle to get boat insurance coverage. 

You don’t need boat insurance if it isn’t required by law. 

In many states, in some or all situations, boat insurance is not required by law. However, this does not mean that boat owners should not purchase boat insurance coverage. 

Boat insurance protects boat owners financially regardless of whether it is required by law. Investing in a boat insurance policy with liability and collision coverage is always best. 

Do you have questions about boat insurance? We’d be happy to hear from you at DePaulo Agency. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our policy options for boat insurance.