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4 Reasons to Keep Insurance for Your Boat While in Storage

Why should you still have insurance for a boat when it’s in storage? This can be a tricky matter and though it’s not typically mandatory, it is a good idea. You can discuss your boat insurance needs with a Scotia, NY insurance agent from DePaulo Agency to determine what’s in your best interest.

Risks Out of the Water

Boat insurance should have minimum protection from theft, fire, and vandalism. Since these things can happen year-round and are more likely when boatyards are unattended (which happens often in the Winter), you’d do well to have coverage for this time.

There’s No Off-Season When It Comes to Mother Nature

Your watercraft can get damaged from natural disasters at any time of the year. This includes flooding, hurricanes, and wildfires or fires started by a storm. When you have boat insurance you’ll have thousands of dollars in protection for replacements and repairs.

Homeowner’s Insurance Doesn’t Cover It All

When you have your boat stored in your home garage or elsewhere on your property, you may think it’s covered by homeowner’s insurance. This simply isn’t the case though you may have some coverage in place as long as it’s on your property at the time. Boat insurance typically will give you a higher amount and provide collision damage, property damage liability, bodily injury liability, and comprehensive coverage.

It Makes More Sense to Have Year-Round Insurance

If you cancel your policy during the Winter only to re-start it in the Spring, this can be more expensive. It’s best to talk to your independent agent to find out what your options are in this situation.

Reach out to professionals in the insurance industry at DePaulo Agency of the Scotia, NY area. You can get assistance with your questions and concerns about boat insurance.