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How to Prevent Water Damage in a Home

Having home insurance from DePaulo Agency in Scotia, NY, will ensure your home and goods are covered in the event of water damage. At the same time, there’s much you can do to minimize this risk. By keeping your home safe from water, fire and other hazardous risks, you can retain your property value. Here are a few ways to prevent water damage from ruining your home and personal belongings.   

Plant Trees with Care 

Trees and flora should be planted with care to avoid having invasive roots grow into water lines and cause damage to pipes, sprinkler system or septic tank. Damaged pipes could cause water damage to the structure of your home. 

Monitor Changes in Water Bill

An unexpected increase in your water bill is a warning sign that there could be water leaks in your home. By keeping an eye on your water costs, you can be alerted to an unusual jump in price that signals possible leakage. Even small water leaks inside bathroom or kitchen walls or cabinets can cause a lot of damage over time.

Clear Gutters

Twice a year in spring and fall homeowners should clear their home’s gutters to avoid water backing up unto the roof of their home. As leaves, dirt and debris clog up gutters, they block the flow of rainwater. This water can accumulate on the roof and eventually leak into a home, damaging the roof, walls and flooring.

Avoid Chemicals to Unclog Drains

Kitchen and bathroom sink clogs are fairly common in most homes. Most drain cleaners contain strong chemicals that can corrode water pipes over time, causing water to leak into your home. By using a drain snake to unclog sinks, you reduce the risk of damaging water pipes, which will protect your home from water leakage.  

To learn more about safeguarding your home from water damage, contact DePaulo Agency, Scotia, NY, today. We can provide you with full home insurance coverage that will protect you from any eventuality.