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Here’s Why You Need Boat Insurance

While boat insurance isn’t a mandatory requirement in New York, you need this investment if you want to enjoy your vessel to the fullest. Whether you have a fishing, sailing, or cruising boat, here are the reasons you need boat insurance from DePaulo Agency of Scotia, NY.

It may be required

Yes, we said boat insurance isn’t compulsory in New York, but your lender may require it as long as your loan liability is outstanding.

To protect your asset

Your boat is a significant asset that needs protection at all times, whether inside or outside the water. Comprehensive boat coverage protects your boat against non-accident risks like fire and theft. Collision coverage cushions your boat against physical damage after a crash with another boater or stationary object.

Liability protection

Boat accidents aren’t as common as car accidents, but when they occur, you could be responsible for injuries or property damage to other people. Worse yet, since we live in a litigious society targeting persons with prime assets, you could be sued for accidents you cause. Thankfully, you don’t have to incur out-of-pocket when liability claims knock on your doors.

Medical payments

If you or your passengers suffer bodily injuries following a boating accident, your boat insurance pays for the medical expenses. This way, you can focus on your recovery without worrying about medical bills.

For peace of mind

You definitely don’t want to be thinking about this and that peril when enjoying your boat in the water. Boat insurance can be that investment that erases your worries when in the water.

Boat insurance in Scotia, NY

Boat insurance can save you from sliding into a financial mess. From covering you against liabilities to compensating you for your boat damages, there is so much boat insurance can do for you. To get boat insurance coverage, don’t hesitate to get in touch with DePaulo Agency for an affordable quote.