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Are You Required to Have Renters Insurance?

If you rent your home in Scotia, NY, you may be wondering if you need to have renters insurance in order to protect yourself. This is a common question because a lot of people assume that if the owner of the property has home insurance there is no need for renters insurance. However, that could not be further from the truth. Here at DePaulo Agency, we always recommend having renters insurance and these are just a few reasons why. 

  • Renters insurance protects your stuff. Even if the owner of the property has home insurance, that only protects their property. However, it does not protect anything of yours or give you any liability protection. You simply cannot rely on their insurance. 
  • You may be required to have it in your lease. Although there is no state requirement tied to renters insurance, your landlord has every right to require you to have renters insurance. It must be outlined in your lease, however, so a verbal request is not enough. 
  • It will give you peace of mind. Having insurance to protect all of your belongings and provide you with some liability protection will give you the peace of mind that you need.
  • It is cheap. Renters insurance is one of the least costly types of insurance on the market. Since it will not cost you a lot, it is worth considering. 

As you can see, there are several reasons to consider getting renters insurance, even if you are not required to in your lease. If you are interested in getting renters insurance, make sure you call us here at DePaulo Agency, serving Scotia, NY, today. We will provide you a free quote and will make sure that you get a policy that meets your needs and your budget.