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Professional and General Liability Claims to Protect Yourself

General liability insurance from DePaulo Agency, a commercial¬†insurer covering the Scotia, NY area, covers the basics of commercial insurance. Generally, these policies include the minimum requirements to comply with state law. It’s possible to add on additional coverage to these basic ones.

Bodily Injury and Property Damage

Bodily injury and property damage coverage is part of general liability insurance. This protects a business against claims regarding bodily injury or property damage stemming from the business’ products or services. General liability insurance protects businesses against false claims and arrests, libel and violations against a person’s privacy. It also protects against a malicious prosecution.

Medical Bills

Sometimes, a client, employee or another person may get hurt on the premise. If it’s at any fault of the business, the person may sue, and the company becomes responsible for medical expenses. General liability insurance covers the business in case any medical expenses would accrue as the result of a lawsuit.

Rental Properties

General liability insurance covers any damage done to properties a business rents. This includes any damage that occurred as a result of an explosion or fire. It’s important for a company to protect themselves in the event something happens to a location that doesn’t belong to them.

Copyright and False Advertising

A business is responsible for any false advertising, whether it was to the company’s knowledge or not. In particular, this includes any copyright infringement done by a company. For instance, this means if products, goods or services are advertised the same as another business, whether the company knew or not, the business is responsible, and a lawsuit from the other business may occur.

To learn more about general liability insurance or to open up a policy, contact the DePaulo Agency today.