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Safety Tips To Protect Your Car From Theft

At DePaulo Agency, the agents constantly helping clients find ways to protect their cars from theft. While Scotia, NY  is a quiet community, there are still instances of theft that must be dealt with on occasion. Agents are able to identify possible areas of risk and help their clients take the necessary precautions that will help them to prevent any type of financial loss.

Never Leave Valuables Laying Out

Never leave valuables such as cell phones, wallets, purses, or jewelry laying out in the open where everyone can see them. If you carry valuables with you, make sure to stick them in the trunk. so that they are out of sight and inaccessible if a person tries a smash and grab maneuver.

Always Lock Your Car

Always keep your car locked and your windows up. You may be able to keep your windows rolled down a short distance but avoid opening them more than a half an inch or so. This prevents an intruder from sticking something through the window and engaging the door lock.

Set Your Alarm

Most new cars that come off of the lot today have alarm systems already built in. In addition to locking the doors, make sure to set the car alarm. If any attempt is made to enter the vehicle, an alarm will sound that will act as a deterrent and causing most would-be thieves to scatter.

Residents of Scotia, NY can turn to the agents of DePaulo Agency if they have questions about lowering their risk of theft when it comes to their cars. Schedule an appointment today and have your auto policy evaluated to ensure you’re getting the best coverage possible.