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Commercial Liability Insurance: Do I Need It?

When considering what kinds of commercial insurance you need for your Scotia, NY business, you might be thinking that liability is not something for which you need to spend extra money.  Your friendly agents at DePaulo Agency urge you to think twice as most businesses can find themselves facing serious losses for a number of unforeseen events.

Manufacturing or Retail

Your liability insurance will include protection against defects in the products that you produce or sell.  While everything on your shelves is made to be used safety, there will come a time when something unfortunate happens on the production line or in storage. Liability can ensure your customers’ problems are addressed and your reputation is maintained.

Gyms, Physical Therapy, and Athletic Clubs

You will do your best to maintain all the equipment, from the weights to the cycles to the exercise mats. However, part of working out is pushing bodies to the limit and somebody is going to get injured. With the right commercial liability coverage, the headaches of handling all the twisted ankles can be delegated to your qualified insurance provider. 

Consulting Services

Okay, so your customers will never see you face to face as you spend all your time on the phone with them.  However, if you provide any kind of advice that can directly affect their financial well-being, only liability insurance can help you whether sudden changes in the market that had unforeseen consequences.  Lawyers, doctors, engineers, and even accountants will fall under this broad category.

As you can see, liability coverage is there to help mitigate the damage that our lawsuit-happy society can cause to your business.  Make sure that your Scotia, NY company is properly protected by setting up a consultation with your insurance professional from Depaulo Agency today.