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What is Renter’s Insurance?

Renter’s Insurance, often referred to as tenant’s insurance is exactly what it sounds like. It is insurance for someone who rents or leases a dwelling against the loss or damage of their personal possessions due to any of the perils listed in the policy. It is also for personal liability. Renter’s insurance is readily available throughout New York from most insurers. The DePaulo Agency serving the area of Scotia, NY is no exception and is available to assist you to find a comprehensive policy to suit your needs.

Landlords are required, by law, in NY to have insurance on their properties. When renting, assume that you need an insurance policy for your possessions. These types of policies are usually quite reasonably priced.

When purchasing renter’s insurance, take a complete inventory of your possessions. Establish the value of your items and the replacement cost. When reading through the policy check to make sure you are covered against any kind of loss.

A benefit of some renter’s insurance policies is that your items are covered even when you are away from home with them. It will be outlined in the policy structure.

Renter’s insurance may also include coverage against liability if someone should become injured while on your premises and cover their medical bills. It is an excellent option to include.

An important aspect of renter’s insurance is something called Loss of Use – this will pay for you to live somewhere else if your home has become unlivable due to damage.

If you rent in the Scotia, NY area, then be sure to contact the DePaulo Agency today and find out how you can best protect your possessions.

How can commercial insurance protect a New York business?

The Scotia, NY area has consistently been a great place to own and run a business. When you are a business owner in this area of the state, you can find that there is a lot of opportunities to be successful. As you are looking to build a business here, you also need to choose a quality insurance plan. Your commercial insurance policy can protect your New York business in a few ways.

Offset Liability Risk

A key advantage of getting a commercial insurance plan is that it can offset your liability risk. If you are going to start a business, it is important to recognize that you will be taking on liability risks on a regular basis. If you are named liable for damages, the impact can be significant. Fortunately, if you are able to get a full commercial insurance plan, you can mitigate this concern with insurance. 

Protection for Company Assets

A business owner will need to invest in various assets to get their company off the ground. This often includes inventory, equipment, and capital items. These assets are very valuable and important to any company. Those that would like to protect their business need to protect these important assets. With a commercial insurance plan, you will have the coverage needed to repair or replace these assets if you incur a loss. 

As you are looking to build a new commercial insurance plan in the Scotia, NY area, you will need to make sure that you are always choosing an insurance plan that is right for your situation. The team with the DePaulo Agency can help you build a plan that will give you the right coverage and protection. DePaulo Agency is able to do this by assessing the unique needs of your company and building a plan accordingly. 

Home Insurance: Which Areas to Focus On For Any Home Insurance Policy

If you plan on getting home insurance within Scotia, NY, chances are you are aware that your policy will cover the structure of your home. But apart from this, what other areas are covered by your policy? DePaulo Agency comes in handy here, with the following guide breaking down areas that your home insurance policy will focus on.

Your Personal Belongings

When disasters strike, personal belongings comprise a significant part of home assets that need repairs and replacement. Home insurance coverage ensures that items such as clothing, furniture, and electronics are taken care of, allowing you to have peace of mind. Take note that these items are protected when covered perils arise, with examples of these being fire, hail, vandalism, and theft.

The Structure of Your Home

The structure of your home is the essence of your policy, allowing you to get compensation when unfortunate events occur. In addition to providing repair and replacement costs for your primary structure, a home insurance policy also protects detached structures such as your garage. Others such as tool sheds and gazebos are also covered, ensuring you eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for their rebuild.

Additional Living Expenses

If you can no longer live in your home due to damage from covered emergencies, home insurance helps you take care of additional living expenses. Examples of these include your accommodation fees and meal costs. Your travel costs are also paid for until your home repairs are complete.

Liabilities Incurred

When your guests get injured, or their property gets destroyed, you are likely to get sued for compensation. Home insurance helps you cover the ensuing expenses, paying for your damages when needed, while also taking care of legal fees.

Whether you need cover for your home or need protection against lawsuits, home insurance is the solution to keeping you safe from any unforeseen emergencies. Call DePaulo Agency today to get home coverage for your Scotia, NY property.

Motorcycle Insurance FAQs

Owning a motorcycle in Scotia, NY comes with its benefits — convenience, ease of weaving through the busy roads, and unlimited fun for those who have a penchant for an adrenaline rush. However, whether you use your bike for pleasure or business, don’t forget one thing — motorcycle insurance. Need to know more about motorcycle insurance? DePaulo Agency has prepared a FAQs section to help you understand motorcycle insurance in detail. 

Is motorcycle insurance required in New York?

According to the New York Law, all riders are expected to carry motorcycle insurance as long as they ride on public roads. Failure to have motorcycle insurance results in fines and penalties, including license suspension. Besides, without insurance, you will be required to cater for property damages and medical expenses from your pocket for accidents you cause. 

What are the minimum state-required motorcycle insurance coverages?

The NY law requires riders to purchase the below minimum liability coverages in their motorcycle insurance:

  • Property damage liability: It covers losses or damage you sustain to other people’s property.
  • Bodily injury liability: It covers medical expenses for injuries sustained by other road users for accidents you are deemed liable. 

What other motorcycle insurance options do I have?

Motorcycle insurance comes in various forms to help cater to different needs. Other optional motorcycle insurance options to consider include:

  • Collision coverage: It covers your bike against damage from collisions.
  • Comprehensive coverage: It pays for your bike’s damages or loss resulting from non-collision risks like theft, fire, falling objects, vandalism, and several natural calamities. 
  • Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage: Covers funeral expenses, medical expenses, and partial loss of income for injuries sustained by you or your passengers in an accident. 
  • Uninsured motorist coverage: Provides medical and property damage coverage to you when you collide with a motorist carrying zero insurance. 

Would you like to buy motorcycle insurance in Scotia, NY? Please contact DePaulo Agency for an affordable quote.  

Do I need to get umbrella insurance in New York?

Anyone that is in the Scotia, NY area will need to make sure that they spend time assessing all of their insurance needs. A form of insurance that would be helpful for most people is umbrella insurance coverage. When you have this type of insurance protection it is going to offer you the coverage needed to mitigate personal liability risk. There are a few reasons why you will need to have this protection here. 

Umbrella Coverage Helps With Big Claims

If you live in New York you may already have liability protection in an auto or liability insurance plan. While this can be helpful, there is a chance that a liability claim will be in excess of your base insurance plan. Since this risk will always exist, it will be important for you to get a policy that provides the additional coverage that you need to offset this risk. An umbrella plan will give the coverage you need on top of these existing policies. 

Umbrella Coverage Protects Against Unpredictable Situations

You will also want to get an umbrella plan in New York because it can protect against some unpredictable situations. While some liability risks are predictable and covered by other insurance plans, there is always a chance that you could face an unpredictable liability claim that is not covered. Fortunately, you can mitigate this risk by getting umbrella coverage as it provides broader liability protections. 

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of having umbrella coverage in the Scotia, NY area, it would be helpful to call the team with DePaulo Agency. There are a lot of services that DePaulo Agency can provide including answering your insurance questions and helping you to assess your insurance needs. The team here can also offer you the support that you need to build an appropriate policy. 

Is Motorcycle Insurance Required Year Round?

Having a motorcycle to ride around on when the weather is warm can be a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. But it’s not always sunny or warm enough to ride. That can leave you wondering whether you need to have motorcycle insurance all throughout the year, or whether you can reduce or eliminate your coverage through the winter months. If you’re in the Scotia, NY area and have questions about motorcycle coverage, DePaulo Agency can help you get the information you need to make the right decision for your motorcycle and riding habits.

Technically, you need insurance on your motorcycle anytime you’re operating it on public roadways. If it’s sitting in your garage, it doesn’t have to be covered. So you could only insure it for the warm months when you’ll be riding and then not have coverage at other times of the year. Still, though, you’ll want to carefully consider whether that’s the best course of action. Your bike will be completely unprotected if it’s not insured, which could put it at risk for theft and damage. You also can’t spontaneously go for a ride if you happen to get a warm, sunny day during a typically colder time of year.

Reach out to the DePaulo Agency today, if you’re in the Scotia, NY area and have questions about motorcycle insurance. We can help you get the coverage you need, and decide if year round coverage is right for you. Even though you don’t have to have it, it could be to your benefit to keep your bike insured all throughout the year. Then you never have to worry about missing a ride due to a lapse in coverage and can have an adventure on any day where the weather makes you want to get out and go for a ride.

Boat Insurance Requirements in Scotia, NY

If you live in the city of Scotia, NY and are interested in learning more about boat insurance, there are different places that you can go for this information. One would be DePaulo Agency.

You are not necessarily required to have boat insurance in the state of New York, in order to register your boat with the DMV. However, it is a good idea to get this boat insurance anyway. This is for your own financial protection, as well as peace of mind whenever you are out on your boat.

The good news is that a lot of the time, boat insurance is not that expensive. You should do all of the necessary research when you are making the purchase of the boat in the first place, and you will see that you can probably get coverage for a very reasonable price. When you have this covered, you can really enjoy your boating experience, because you don’t have to worry about incurring expenses that you will not be able to afford.

In the state of New York, you will be able to purchase a policy for boat insurance with replacement cost value coverage, in case you end up having to deal with physical damage to your boat. Many people do not necessarily believe that this will happen, but the truth is that you cannot predict the likelihood of an accident that will leave you and the other party with physical damage to the watercraft and perhaps bodily injury.

If you reside in Scotia, NY and are curious to know more about boat insurance, you should definitely feel free to contact the professionals at DePaulo Agency. They will be able to answer any questions that you might have and perhaps point you in the right direction in terms of your boat insurance policy.

Safety precautions to take when driving an RV in Scotia, NY

Safety precautions to take when driving an RV in Scotia, NY

Driving an RV is one of the most exciting experiences, particularly when traveling with your family. However, safety should be in your mind at all times as it is easy to get distracted when driving. Safety precautions, preparations, and planning are essential for a successful trip. So, what are the necessary precautions to take when driving an RV? Read on to find out.

Make Sure You Have Adequate RV Insurance

The best way to stay safe on the roads is by having enough insurance—that’s why auto insurance is mandatory in most states. If you are looking to tour around the vast Scotia NY, you may want to check your RV insurance coverages to know what is covered.

DePaulo Agency can also help you with all information you need to get RV insurance if you don’t have a policy yet. Make sure your insurance covers every aspect of your RV and add extra coverages such as towing and other emergency services.

Always Conduct a Pre-drive Safety Check Before Leaving

Don’t just hop into your RV and drive off. Recreational vehicles are complicated homes on wheels, and it’s easy to forget or skip some safety checks. Simple forgetfulness such as leaving doors unlatched is enough to cause damage and loss worth millions. Keep a pre-trip checklist and inspect your RV thoroughly before leaving.

Know Your Height

Sounds pretty obvious, but it’s surprising how people forget the extra height of an RV and end up hitting overhangs and bridges. A typical RV is about 8.5 ft. wide, and the typical highway lane is 10 ft wide. This provides you with 1.5 ft. to work with. Additionally, there are road signs and exits to help if you are not sure.

Drive Defensively

Driving an RV means driving safely by staying in your lane and maintaining the required speed, especially when leaving and entering highways. When speeding, the weight behind you may slow down your braking, which can easily lead to accidents. You also need to keep a greater distance from the cars in front of you.

 Need more safety information on precautions to take when driving an RV in Scotia, NY? DePaulo Agency can help answer all your questions and help you find a policy that matches your needs, style, and budget.

Starting a Business? Why You Need Umbrella Insurance

Are you thinking about starting a business? Then it might be a good idea to go ahead and purchase umbrella insurance from our DePaulo Agency team. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

You already have a personal level of liability coverage through your auto and home insurance policies. And, once you start your business, you’ll have liability coverage through your commercial insurance. However, there is still a chance that an accident involving your new endeavor could hurt your personal financial wellbeing.

An umbrella policy acts as an additional extension of your personal liability policies. If something happens with your business and you’re facing a lawsuit, your umbrella insurance acts as an additional layer of protection. 

Is Umbrella Insurance Required for Business Owners?

No, there’s no mandate or rule that says umbrella insurance is required for business owners. The truth, though, is that it is always a good idea to have this type of policy. And this is only amplified if you’re in a line of work that involves meeting with customers at your location, doing work on their property, or if you have employees.

Depending on your industry, you might have a higher level of risk associated with how you make money. For example, if you own an auto repair shop or if you trim trees at customer locations, you have a higher chance of something happening than if you’re doing clerical work. If this is the case, you’ll definitely want to make sure you talk to your Scotia, NY insurance team about whether having an umbrella insurance policy is a necessity.

Our Scotia, NY Insurance Team Can Help

At the DePaulo Agency, we want to help you make solid decisions in protecting your new business endeavor. To learn more about umbrella insurance, commercial liability insurance, or any other type of coverage, please contact us today.

Who should get motorcycle insurance in New York?

In the Scotia, NY area, enjoying the warm and sunny weather that exists during the summer and fall months can be a great option and way to enjoy the area. One way that you can do this is by owning and purchasing a motorcycle. If you are going to purchase a motorcycle in this area, it is also important that you get the right insurance for it. There are several situations when someone should get a motorcycle insurance policy here.

Those that Want to Use on Public Road Need Coverage

One situation when you will need to get a motorcycle insurance policy is when you want to use your motorcycle on a public road. Anyone that wants to operate any type of vehicle in New York will need to comply with the state’s laws regarding liability coverage. If you do not continue to maintain this protection, you will be in violation of state law and could end up being fined. 

Those that Take Out a Loan

You will also need to get motorcycle insurance if you are going to take out a loan. Anyone that would like to purchase a motorcycle should consider taking advantage of low-interest rates provided by lenders. However, if you do take out a loan, you should carefully consider your insurance needs. Any lender will require that you maintain a full motorcycle insurance policy at all times as it will ensure their collateral is protected.

If you do want motorcycle insurance in Scotia, NY, you should call the team at DePaulo Agency. The insurance team at DePaulo Agency knows how important it is that you get proper insurance coverage for your asset. They will help you to evaluate your different insurance options and ensure you pick a policy that meets your needs.