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Motorcycle Insurance Hacks to Try Out

Crucial Advice for Protecting Your Bike with the Right Insurance

As a motorcycle owner in Scotia, NY, a robust insurance policy is essential to safeguard your precious ride. At DePaulo Agency, our team can pinpoint the best options for your unique circumstances. Here are a few simple yet thoughtful tips to remember while hunting down the best policy for your needs.

1. Avoid Both Under and Over-Insuring Your Bike

The optimal balance for insuring your motorcycle varies depending on factors like the bike’s age, model, location, driving record, and specific driving needs. More insurance doesn’t always mean better protection. Teaming up with your agent can help strike a balance that best protects your motorcycle.

2. Pay Attention to Proper Storage

Did you know that storing your motorcycle in a garage can enhance access to better insurance options? Insurance providers value little safety steps like these because they reduce risk, potentially rewarding you with more suitable policy choices.

3. Join a Safety Club

Being part of motorcycle safety clubs offers dual benefits. They refine your riding skills while also highlighting you as a safe and proficient rider to your insurance provider. Hence, it’s worth exploring this avenue and reporting your membership–a move that can significantly improve your insurance policy.

4. Cap Your Mileage

This tip will prove helpful if your motorcycle isn’t your primary vehicle. Those who use their bikes more recreationally or for occasional jaunts can benefit from limiting their mileage to under 2000-3000 miles annually. This could potentially enhance your insurance protection.

At DePaulo Agency, we are committed to helping Scotia, NY, motorcycle owners secure the comprehensive policy protection they need. Contact us and gain the reassurance that an unparalleled motorcycle policy covers you.